School Experiences and Background

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

I offer over twenty years of service In K-12 education as a school counselor and administrator. My school counseling expertise has benefitted children and families because I know that all students have strengths that need to be acknowledged and utilized in order to insure a strong educational experience. As a result, students’ unique gifts are taken into account and school staff are more equipped to understand how to teach to these strengths. Children and families are supported and involved in the educational process, allowing them to be engaged with their learning.

Over the course of my career, I have embodied a solution focused mindset regarding every child’s ability to learn and be successful in school, when provided with the appropriate environment. Some common student needs I have helped with included behavior management, ADD/ADHD, autism spectrum disorders, anxiety and depression, learning disorders, grief counseling, LGBTQ topics, Bi-polar disorder, bullying and anti bully training, social skill training, empathy and problem solving programming, mindfulness training, career readiness skill building, learning disabilities like reading comprehension and dysgraphia, as well as executive function skill building, processing concerns, and sensory regulation. In addition, my classroom experiences involved teaching students how to practice cooperative learning, student success skills like practicing optimism, KAIZEN, and a growth mindset; I also taught how to design and set goals for personal, social and academic success as well as how to create action plans to reach goals. Perhaps, most importantly, I was a strong proponent for students and staff creating a culture of encouragement and welcome at school. My administrative experiences included redesigning and implementing Response to Intervention Programs, Individual Education Program planning and monitoring, School Counseling Program Design and Implementation, Section 504 Planning and Monitoring, Parent Program Designer and Facilitation, Professional Development and Facilitation, Positive Behavior Support Program Management, and Parent Education regarding the rights of students under federal and state law. In addition, I have expertise in family counseling, student counseling and accountability measures that enable partnerships between families and school.

I am excited to help you as we advocate together in the best interest of your student.

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